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E4 / E20 (arriving from the south)
Drive towards Stockholm. The E4 will go through a southern town called Södertälje. Here the E4 changes name to E4/E20. Aproximatly 25 kilomters from the goal, there will be a sign for Sundsvall. Keep on going for another 1.1 km. Then follow the sign towards Södermalm for 170 m. Step off the road where the sign says Trafikplats Västberga/Nyboda, and keep on going or 1,8 km. Keep on going this for another 1,5 km and cross a bridge (Liljeholmsbron). Now with the rough driving behind you, follow this easy map below, with the bridge in left corner. The places among the blue line are: Liljeholmsbron, Hornsgatan, Varvsgatan and party place: Lundagatan 55 !

comming from the south (E4/E20)

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E18 / E4 (arriving from the north)
regardless which highway you take, you should look for the signs heading towards Norrtull. Best way to explain this drive through the city is with a couple of pictures: From Norrtull follow the blue mark and drive to the end of S:t Eriksgatan. Just follow the signs to Fridhemsplan (around 2 kilometers straight ahead). Here, cruise over the second bridge called Västerbron. You will now enter the part of Stockholm called Södermalm. From here drive to Hornstull, turn links on Hornsgatan, then links again to Varvsgatan and then finally right to the scene street: Lundagatan 55 !

comming from the north (E18/E4)comming from the north (E18/E4)

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